What’s the difference between a Lockerpod+ Bronze and a Lockerpod+ Gold?

The Lockerpod+ is exactly the same in both versions. When you purchase a Lockerpod+ Gold, a Gold rated Sold Secure ground anchor is included. There is no ground anchor included in the Lockerpod+ Bronze as standard. 

How much will delivery cost?

Our LOCKERPOD+ delivery is £25 to mainland England and Wales, we do deliver all over the UK but for all other areas please contact us directly for a delivery price. Deliveries take place Mon-Fri between 8am and 6pm, we will notify you when your Lockerpod is ready to organise a convenient date for delivery.

What are the dimensions?

The Lockerpod+ measures as follows:

1m Wide

2m Deep

1.35m High

Does the Lockerpod+ come in any different sizes?

Unfortunately, the Lockerpod+ comes in one size only.

Can I change the side that the door opens on?

As the hinges are moulded into the door and body, it is not possible to change the side that the door opens. The hinges are on the left hand side.

How will it arrive?

The Lockerpod+ will arrive on pallet, normally from an artic size lorry.

How long will it take?

Large items such as the LOCKERPOD+ take around 14-28 working days. Please note this is an estimate.

Will the delivery driver help me?

The Lockerpods will be delivered via courier (e.g. TNT), fully assembled, on a pallet straight from our manufacturers.  This ensures a quick and cost effective delivery but it also means that the delivery drivers are not insured to help you when it comes to getting the Lockerpod+ in the exact spot  you want it so please consider this is advance.

What about returns?

Please note that if you order and then find the Lockerpod is not suitable for the area you had in mind e.g. it does not fit, then there will be a charge of £45 to have the bicycle locker collected before you will be able to receive a refund.  Therefore,  please grab a tape measure first to avoid disappointment.

How do I pay?

We except payment via online credit card (paypal), Cheque and bank transfer. For certain business and Local authorities 30 days credit will be considered.

Is VAT included?

No. VAT is added at current rate.

Where can I view Lockerpod+ T&C’s?

Lockerpod+ Terms and conditions – click here


Will I need to buy any extras?

The Lockerpod+ does not come with any chains or locks, so if you wish to lock your bikes inside you will need to provide these. 

I’d really like a LOCKERPOD at my workplace or local gym, is that possible?

Tell us who your employer/gym owner etc. are and we’ll contact them directly and tell them all about LOCKERPOD+.

Is there a discount if I buy more than one?

Please contact us to talk about discounts on more than one order and we will be more than happy to discuss some options.

Can I get more than one bike in a LOCKERPOD+?

You can store up to 4 bicycles in a LOCKERPOD+.

Is my bike insured if it is stolen from a Lockerpod+?

This depends on your insurance policy so please check with your insurer.

What exactly is MDPE?

The Lockerpod+ is manufactured from 4-6mm thick MDPE (medium density polyethylene) which is highly robust, durable and weatherproof!  All Lockerpod+ are made in the UK and available in recycled and recyclable materials.

I haven’t got any concrete area to bolt my Lockerpod+ to. What other options do I have?

The LOCKERPOD+ can be placed on roughly any surface that is level, so if you want it in the garden, garage or drive way, we will be happy to help. If you are unsure if your desired surface will be feasible, please contact us so we can guide you.

Why is a LOCKERPOD+ better than a multi bike enclosure or shed?

With a LOCKERPOD+ you can safely and securely store up to 4 bicycles in one unit. This saves cluttering up the garage or having to climb over the lawn mower in the shed to access your bike. You can store the LOCKERPOD+ in a variety of different places around the home/workplace and our innovative design and colour options will make the bicycle locker fit in with any surroundings.

Can I see a LOCKERPOD+  anywhere before I buy one?

Please contact us for locations.

Do I have to pay by credit card?

No. Our web site is suitable for credit cards, debit cards and Paypal but if you want to discuss alternative payment options, please contact us.

How much does a LOCKERPOD+ weigh?

The weight is approx 72kg and please bear this in mind if you plan to lift the Lockerpod  over fences, gates etc into your garden

Can I rent one from you?

No, the LOCKERPOD+ is unavailable to rent from us.

Is a LOCKERPOD+ environmentally friendly? 

YES! All Lockerpods are made in the UK and available in recycled and recyclable materials. The green version is 100% recycled, our other colour options are all made from recyclable materials.


I’m an employer and I want some for my staff at work – do I get a discounted rate?

Please contact us for multiple orders.

Why should I buy a LOCKERPOD+ ?

The LOCKERPOD+ is the most cost effective bike locker on the market. Not only are the LOCKERPOD+’s extremely secure with our 3 point locking system, but they are robust and weatherproof so your LOCKERPOD+ will survive the British weather! With a wide range of colour options to chose from, you can pick a colour that suits you and have a stylish bike storage system.

Is LOCKERPOD+ available in different colours?

Yes. There are a wide range of colours to chose from. Other colours on request. Please contact us for our colour options.

Can you provide installation of my LOCKERPOD+?

The LOCKERPOD+ was designed in a way that is very easy for the buyer to self install with no vast DIY experience needed. Of course, if you need us to install your LOCKERPOD+ or need some installation advice, please contact us and we will be happy to help.

Does LOCKERPOD+ require any maintenance?

No, the LOCKERPOD+ is made from MDPE so you don’t have to worry about rust etc. You can clean the LOCKERPOD+ with warm water and soap. You may want to lubricate the hinges and locking points every 6 months to maintain usability.